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October 2022

A word from the CiA Managing Director

CAN in Automation (CiA), the international users’ and manufacturers’ group, assigns on behalf of ISO (International Standardization Organization) the LIN Supplier ID to device suppliers as required in the ISO 17987 series (Local Interconnect Network). CiA also maintains a LIN website. On it you find the LIN Supplier ID registration form as well as the already-registered IDs in JSON and XML formats. Some additional news and general information are given, too.

As the ISO TC22 SC31 WG3 convenor, I am responsible to manage the review process of the ISO 17987 documents. Part 1 to Part 7 of this series specifies the LIN services and protocols as well as related conformance test plans. Project leader (editor) is Andreas Pick (Vector). Besides editorial and general improvements, the LIN documents under review are also updated technically. This includes oberserving of findings. Additionally, SAE International requested some clarifications and improvements. The non-inclusive terms “master” and “slave” are substituted by “commander” respectively “responder”. CiA uses these inclusive terms for CAN FD Light, a similar network approach as LIN, but based on the CAN FD data link layer protocol with a 64-byte data field and the CAN high-speed physical layer. CAN FD Light specified in CiA 604-1 has been submitted to ISO to be integrated as an annex into the ISO 11898-1 standard.

The updated ISO/LIN documents will also include detailed specifications of auto-addressing methods. In the current ISO 17987 documents, they are just mentioned by means of method name plus assigned ID. But no details are given. The method specifications are the main technical improvement of the ISO 17987 series. They will be given in normative annexes.


Profile series for on-board weighing devices

The CiA 459 series for on-board weighing devices has been released as Draft Specification (DS) and is now part of the annual CiA 4XX subscription. Of course, members can download the documents free of charge. The profile series comprises three documents: Part 1 (general specification and functional overview), Part 2 (communication parameters), and Part 3 (application data objects). The on-board weighing device receives measured data from sensors, calculates gross, net, and total weight values and provides processed weighing data for further evaluation to an on-board or an external controller.

Looking for CAN Newsletter articles

For the December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine, CiA editors are still looking for interesting articles regarding CAN. Maybe you have an extraordinary application report where a CAN product was used, or any other exciting topic regarding CAN? Of course, this is free of charge. Feel free to send your technical article at pr(at) and be part of the CAN Newsletter magazine. Current issue:

CiA at Bauma 2022

From October 24 to October 30, the Bauma in Munich (Germany) opens its doors. CiA is present on this international trade show for construction machinery, building material machines, mining machines, construction vehicles, and construction equipment (hall A2, booth 337). The exhibition is divided into four sections: construction site, building material production, mining with raw material extraction as well as processing suppliers and services.

To discuss topics with CiA representatives, you can arrange appointments (exhibition(at) on the Bauma or just come to the CiA booth. Of course, it is also possible that CiA representatives visit you on your stand.

September issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The third issue of the free-of-charge CAN Newsletter magazine 2022 continues with the “history and trends” series featuring CAN on construction sites and CAN on rails. A report about the 30th CiA anniversary including CiA member interviews give a valuable feedback on CiA’s work.

Topics such as photovoltaics for on-board charging, CAN products for mobile machines, CANopen-powered subway auxiliary inverters are also covered. Providers give an interview on CAN SIC transceivers. Additionally, a vehicle network processing platform with functional safety, how to secure CAN networks in commercial vehicles, as well as a CAN FD open-source IP core comprise the magazine. Brief news are provided in the section standards and specifications.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

Just visit the CiA stand at Bauma to get a exclusively-printed copy.

New videos on Youtube

On September 19, 2022 the Chinese CiA technology day took place. In the event several presentations from various companies were held. CiA uploaded them on its Youtube channel:

CAN Newsletter Online

20th CANopen Lift plugfest: Testing CANopen Lift interoperability

On September 6, 2022, CAN in Automation (CiA) members tested interoperability of their CANopen Lift devices. The lift host controller companies tested the devices of the lift device manufacturers in a one-to-one session.


CAN- and CANopen-related educational training
Onsite seminars

  • 2022-10-13: CANopen for newcomers1

  • 2022-10-06: CAN XL - Status 2022 and future2

  • 2022-10-06: CAN in laboratory automation2

1 in German language
2 in English language

New CiA members since the last CAN Info Mail (CIM)

  • Adel System (IT)
  • Adlos (LI)
  • Datum Electronics (GB)
  • Generac Holdings (CA)
  • HyperPanel Lab (FR)
  • NES Drive (TR)
  • Predict (FR)
  • raher Plastics (AT)
  • Zyax (SE)

CiA has 743 members (October 01, 2022).

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