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January 2021

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The year 2021 is young, but inherited the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, CiA will provide all of its education services as online events (in the first half of this year). This includes the free-of-charge webinars on dedicated topics such as CAN XL update, CANopen FD update, CAN FD device design, CANopen Lift profile, CiA subsea profile, CleANopen profile, CiA 402 update, CiA 401 update, DIN 4630 introduction, and energy management options. The 60-min webinars address decision makers and those who are interested to get an overview of the future of CAN technologies. Scheduling details are available on CiA’s website.

The 3-hour CiA technology days provide a summary of CAN technology developments addressing the same people as the CiA webinars. However, they are more compact and not dedicated to a single topic. Participation is also free-of-charge. Besides in English, the CiA technology days will also be presented in Chinese and Russian.

Who like to go into details and like to discuss technics in-depth may register for the 4-hour seminars on dedicated topics. There are seminars scheduled on CAN data link layer options, on CAN physical layer options, on CANopen FD, on classic CANopen as well as on J1939-based protocols. These seminars are intended for those, who are interested in the basics as well as the technical details. The attendees learn not just the facts but also get background information to make the right decision in implementing devices as well as network systems. These seminars are chargeable.

Of course, you may order an in-house seminar with a tailored agenda, which meets your individual needs. The number of participants is not limited, you can also invite third-parties such as customers or sales partners. These in-house seminars are possible as presence events with an appropriate hygiene concept or online by means of your preferred meeting tool. CiA uses by default Zoom.

Do not hesitate to register for the pre-defined events or to demand an in-house seminar.


iCC goes online

The CiA Business Committee has decided to schedule the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC) on June 15th and 16th. It will be held as e-conference. The program is intended to be the same as of the postponed conference. Nevertheless, the speakers will update their papers and some additional presentations will be given. For details and registration please contact CiA office.

Updated CiA specifications

CiA has updated the CiA 406-J and CiA 410-J documents specifying the mapping of the encoder profile respectively the inclinometer profile to J1939 parameter groups. This includes also the virtual SDO access by means of J1939 parameter groups specified in CiA 510, which has been corrected, too. In the previous versions of these documents, J1939 attributes were erroneously swapped resulting in misleading parameter group numbers (PGN). The documents are in DSP (draft specification proposal) status and are available for CiA members only.

CiA media kit 2021

Since 1992, CiA publishes the CAN Newsletter magazine. It is a unique source of technical and application-oriented articles. There are four issues per year. Additionally, CiA provides the CAN Newsletter Online reporting about product and company news. Both CiA publications allow advertisements. The advertising options are given in the CiA media kit 2021. It includes prices as well as technical facts.

December issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The fourth issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine focuses on CAN XL. It contains articles on the CAN XL data link layer protocol and the physical layer options. Furthermore, two articles provide ideas how to use CAN XL networks from the viewpoint of higher layer protocols. The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

The most visited articles of the CAN Newsletter in 2020 were:
Webinars in English
New videos on Youtube

CiA has its own Youtube channel. The following movies have been uploaded recently:

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