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July 2021

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The first digital international CAN Conference (iCC) has closed its “windows”. This 17th iCC was different: No informal talks before the conference, during the breaks, and in the evenings. Meeting old and new CAN fellows was only possible in the digital CiA CAN Coffee (C3) sessions provided on the four conference days. Nevertheless, I am satisfied with the high quality of the given speeches and the talks in the C3.

Thanks again to speakers, chairs, and attendees. Thanks also to the CiA staff organizing this event: you have done a great job.

The iCC proceedings (96 euro without German VAT) are available for those, who just want to read the information provided on the conference. For those, who missed the conference, there is the opportunity to watch the video-recorded presentations. CiA offers for a fee of 200 euro (without German VAT) for non-members and 150 euro (without German VAT) for members the possibility to get the needed links for all iCC videos including the iCC accompanying webinars plus presentation slides. If you are interested, please contact CiA office by email.



Normally, in July and August business slows down. Since a couple of years, this is no longer true: We schedule CiA technical group meetings during summer. International standardization meetings also do not stop in the vacation season. Nevertheless, CiA staff takes their free time. This means, we have limited human resources available. Please accept that the response time increases a little bit above our goal of 24 hours on workdays.

Advertising options

CiA provides several marketing options: Advertisements in CAN Newsletter magazine, CAN Newsletter Online, and CiA Product Guides. Additionally, CiA members can present their CANopen products on the CiA booth at the SPS tradeshow in Nuremberg (November 2021). Please contact CiA office by email or download the CiA media kit for more information.

Call for CAN application stories

The editors of the CiA publications are interested in new CAN application stories. If you know strange, interesting, or extreme CAN applications, please contact the editorial staff by email.

June issue of CAN Newsletter magazine

The June issue 2021 of the CAN Newsletter magazine is now published and available for downloading. Besides a range of other topics, it contains for example articles about CANopen FD (e.g. use cases and why to choose CANopen FD, devices identification with LSS), a company portrait about Bürkert and CANopen, CANopen application reports, an interview with Iveco, an article about the open-source Sigrok project written by Ken Tindell as well as part 1 of a comparative analysis of Classical CAN, CAN FD, and Ethernet for networked control systems. The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

CAN Newsletter Online

17th international CAN Conference (iCC): From Classical CAN via CAN FD to CAN XL. On the four-day 17th iCC CAN experts talked about history, presence, and future of CAN. About 100 engineers from 35 companies attended this event. If you missed to join it, all presentation videos and proceedings can be purchased from CiA.

Online seminars

  • 2021-07-07 (16:00-20:00 UTC+2): CAN1
  • 2021-07-08 (16:00-20:00 UTC+2): CANopen1

The time schedule of these seminars in English language is optimized for North American participants.

CiA Webinar

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