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December 2021

A word from the CiA Managing Director

The second year of the Covid-19 pandemic comes to its end. In the last weeks, the fourth SARS-CoV-2 wave challenges Germany. With two exceptions, all CiA meetings were organized online: The first CAN XL and the CANopen Lift plugfests took place in Nuremberg (Germany). Even the 17th international CAN Conference (iCC) in June 2021 was held as virtual event. In autumn, I presented two papers in hybrid conferences. In Linz (Austria), I reported about commercial vehicle body application standardization (DIN 4630 and DIN 14700/4). On the Eliv conference with accompanied exhibition in Bonn (Germany), I informed the attendees about CAN XL, the third generation of CAN.

The SPS exhibition 2021 in Nuremberg was canceled a few days before its start. The doors remained closed. The next trade shows CiA is preparing are Agritechnica in February 2022 and Embedded World in March 2022. But we do not know, if they will take place. Nevertheless, CiA likes to be in contact with the CAN community. Therefore, we invite you to CiA’s open discussion forum (see details below), which I scheduled for the next Fridays till the end of the year.

In 2021, CiA technical groups continued to develop specifications and technical reports. We updated the CiA 601-4 specification (CAN SIC transceiver) and released the CiA 604-1 specification (CAN FD Light). Besides these two highlights, several CiA profile specifications were reviewed, too. New is that CiA documents in DS (draft specification) status can be subscribed also by non-members. For details, you can visit our website.

What remains, is a brief outlook to 2022. CiA is going to participate in several trade shows (Interlift, Innotrans, and Bauma). All these exhibitions will take place in Germany. I hope that they will not be so much affected by the Covid-19 pandemic as the SPS 2021. CiA will continue to release CAN XL related documents including conformance test plans and user guidelines. There is also an implementation guideline for the optional PWM (pulse-width modulation) transmission between CAN XL controller and CAN SIC XL transceiver in the pipeline.


Alternative for exhibition booth

To meet at the CiA booth on exhibitions is an important discussion forum for the CAN community. Due the postponement and cancellation of trade shows other options need to be considered and offered. Individual online meetings are an opportunity to substitute talks on fairgrounds. This is why CiA provides CiA’s open discussion forum on every Friday until the end of this year from 11:00 to 12:30 UTC+1. To be part of these meetings, just join via Zoom:

December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine

The December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine is online. It contains articles about generic CAN (FD) security requirements, achieving correct ESD protection for CAN FD, migration to CAN FD, application reports, and more. Additionally, Ken Tindell informs about how to defend against the Janus low-level CAN attack.

The articles can be downloaded individually or you can download the entire magazine.

New J1939 documents

SAE has released a new version of the J1939DA (digital annex). It specifies new Parameter Groups (PG) and Suspect Parameters (SP). Normally, the spreadsheet is updated quarterly. It is part of the J1939 document subscription. Additionally, SAE has updated J1939/1 (On-Highway Equipment Control and Communication Network), J1939/21 (Data Link Layer), and J1939/74 (Configurable Messaging). Recently, J1939 experts detected an error in the J1939/21 document (wrong timing parameter in a figure), which will be corrected, very soon.

ISO 16844 series updated

The ISO tachograph standard series has been revised and updated. The final voting was successful and the documents are prepared for publication. The tachograph diagnostics interface is based on the J1939 application layer and J1939 Diagnostic Messages (DM).

CiA webinars and CiA technology days

CiA has scheduled its webinars and technology days. CiA webinars are 60-min online events updating attendees on dedicated topics. The 3-hour CiA technology days dive deeper into details and provide an overview on trends. Both kind of events are free of charge and are recorded to be uploaded to CiA’s Youtube channel.

Recommended CAN Newsletter Online articles in November

Team project: Electric truck with integrated photovoltaics
A heavy-duty e-truck weighing 18 tons and equipped with a 3,5 kilowatt-peak photovoltaic system is now driving on Germany's roads. The commercial vehicle with integrated high-voltage photovoltaic system and feed-in to the 800-V traction battery has been approved for road traffic.

CiA's media kit 2022

CiA publications provide technical information on CAN technology, CAN-related products and services, as well as on CAN applications and developments in the field. They are intended for CAN users and decision makers worldwide. In these publications, CiA offers several advertising opportunities. Please, find them including technical facts and prices in CiA's media kit 2022 which is now online.

CiA seminars 2022 and in-house seminars

CiA has announced its dates for seminars planned in 2022 on its website.

CiA also offers in-house seminars. These are offered to companies with dedicated training requirements. The agenda of an in-house seminar is tailored to your company's specific needs. Any CAN-technology-related topic can be covered. For this purpose, just contact events(at)

Online seminars


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2 in Chinese language

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