CANopen Lift on Youtube

CiA uploaded a video on Youtube regarding CANopen Lift. It contains an introduction about the CANopen Lift application profile, CANopen Lift profile add-ons, and a glimpse into the future of CANopen FD and Co. Subscribe to CiA's channel.

Subsea profile webinar

On March 16, a free of charge webinar regarding the Subsea profile takes place. The CiA 443 CANopen profile for SIIS level-2 devices covers all simple sensors, multi-functional meters, & valves used in so-called Christmas trees.

Embedded World 2021

CiA participates in the Embedded World conference 2021 (session wired fieldbus). H. Zeltwanger speaks about CAN XL (day 1), R. Zitzmann reports about CANopen FD USDO services (day 2), and Y. Yao talks about CAN FD Light (day 3).

CAN Newsletter magazine

The March issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine 2021 has been published.

CAN Info Mail

This email service is free of charge. Next issue is available on March 1. It can be subscribe also by non-members, who are interested in CAN technology.

CAN’s birthday

In 1986, Bosch presented the CAN protocol in Detroit on an SAE congress. More information on the 35th anniversary is available in the CAN Newsletter Online.

CiA board of directors

The CiA general assembly has re-elected its board of directors: Uwe Koppe (Technical Director), Christian Schlegel (Business Director), and Holger Zeltwanger (Managing Director). Also the business committee (BC) and technical committee (TC) members have been re-elected.

CleANopen webinar

On February 25, 2021, a free of charge webinar regarding CleANopen takes place. Anyone can attend.

The CiA story since 1992

To learn more about CAN in Automation, CiA has updated CiA's story and milestones.

Profile SIGs re-established

Recently, the special interest group (SIG) subsea and the SIG truck gateway have been re-opened. They reviewed comments on CiA 443 respectively CiA 413 specifications and discussed new feature requests.