IAS call for co-exhibitors

The next IAS trade fair will be held from September 19-23, 2018 in Shanghai, China. CiA will exhibit at the IAS trade fair, and offer all its members... Read more

On-board weighing

The European Parliament and the European Commission want that authorities can detect overloaded trucks easily. Therefore, specific on-board weighing... Read more

CAN Info Mail

Since January, CiA sends monthly the CAN Info Mail to subscribers. This email service substitutes all general electronic mailings by CAN in... Read more

CANopen deeply embedded

Embedded networks are not really visible, but sometimes you see them like the top of an iceberg. Deeply embedded networks are often even invisible for... Read more

CiA plugfests

Plugfests are a kind of interoperability testing. Companies connect their prototype products in order to test the interoperability to other devices. Read more