Successful joint CiA event in Shanghai

Hongke (China) and Zhiyuan (China) have jointly organized a CAN information day with CAN in Automation (CiA).

It was the first time that two Chinese companies worked together, which are competitors. They offer both CAN interface products. Hongke is distributor for Peak (Germany) and Sys Tec (Germany). ZLG develops and produces similar products and CAN tools. The joint one-day seminar was not focused on products – they were shown on tables so-to-say in the background. Ms. Chen (Honkge), Mr. Huang (Zhiyuan) and Mr. Zeltwanger (CiA) presented general information about designing CANopen networks, trouble-shooting CAN networks, and the ISO CAN FD protocol. More than 100 participants listened to the presentations and discussed them also during the breaks. Both CiA partners were more than satisfied with the success of the event. CiA had also organized a joint stand at the Bauma China 2014. Barutu (China), ESD (Germany), Kvaser (Sweden), and Posital (Germany) participated in the CiA booth. More details about the in tradeshow in Shanghai you can read in the CAN Newsletter Online magazine.