CiA 601-1 version 2.0

The CAN FD implementation guideline recommends how to design the physical layer interface for devices. Especially, recommendations for the symmetry and the transmitter delay are given. More info: headquarters(at)

CiA 601-2 version 1.0

The CAN FD interface specification describes the host controller interface. This includes special modes, buffer organization, control and status lines as well as bit-timing registers. More info: headquarters(at)

Modular vehicle communication IF

The updated ISO 22900-2 standard (MVCI – D-PDU API) defines a CAN FD bit-timing, which needs additional specifications for topology and network length. Interested parties may contact standard(at)

Minor corrections

CiA has released updated versions for CiA 402-2 (motion control profile) and CiA 422-2 as well as CiA 422-3 (CleANopen) correcting some editorial and minor errors. For more information please contact service(at)

CiA 408 version 2.0.1

The CANopen profile for fluid power devices has been released as version 2.0.1. It is based on the bus-independent profile by VDMA, the German association of machine builders. For more information please contact service(at)

CAN-related norms

The ISO TC22 SC31 WG4 is updating the following CAN-related standards: ISO 11992-1 and ISO 11992-3 (truck-trailer network) and ISO 26021-2 (end-of-life activation of on-board pyrotechnic devices). More info: standard(at)

CANopen product panels

As usual, CiA shows on its EmbeddedWorld booth panels with CANopen products. CiA members interested in presenting their products on the CiA stand should contact exhibitions(at)

Happy New Year

We wish all CAN product manufacturers and users a successful 2017. The CAN community is looking forward to the 25th anniversary of the CAN in Automation (CiA) association. The first event is the 16th iCC in Nuremberg (Germany).

CANopen profile for IO-Link

In the inaugural meeting of the CANopen SIG IO-Link it was agreed to standardize the access to IO-Link devices from CANopen. Interested parties may contact: service(at)

ISO 11898-2:2016

The high-speed CAN physical layer standard specifying data-phase bit rates up to 5 Mbit/s has been released as ISO 11898-2:2016. It substitutes ISO 11898-2:2003, and ISO 11898-5 as well as ISO 11898-6. More info: service(at)