SIG01 Generic I/O devices


Enhancement and maintenance of the profile for generic I/O modules and special-purpose I/O devices such as joysticks and foot-pedals: CiA 401 - Modular I/O devices; CiA 852 - Recommended practice for CiA 401-based operator environment sub-systems.


Christian Keydel, Embedded Systems Academy


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Title Details
CiA 401 version 3.0.0CANopen profile for modular I/O devices
DescriptionThis specification represents the CANopen device profile for generic digital and analogue input and output modules. Devices compliant to this specification use communication techniques, which conform to those described in the CANopen application layer and communication profile specification. In addition, programmable I/O devices may use communication techniques, which conform to those described in the CANopen additional application layer functions. In the appendices, some specific I/O devices are defined.
PAS2.0 MiB2008-06-03Login
CiA 401-B version 1.0.0.I/O device profile - Part B: Functional behavior and parameters
DescriptionThis document specifies the functional behavior and parameters of generic analog and digital input and output devices. Additionally, AnnexA specifies the functional behavior and parameters of specific analog and digital input and output devices such as joysticks.
DSP3.1 MiB2023-06-19Login
CiA 401-C version 1.0.0I/O device profile - Part C: Mapping to classic CANopen
DSP719 KiB2023-06-19Login
CiA 401-F version 1.0.0I/O device profile - Part F: Mapping to CANopen FD
DSP586 KiB2023-06-19Login
CiA 852 version 1.0.1CiA 401-based operator environment sub-system
DescriptionThis document recommends how to implement the CANopen interface for operator environments with human-machine interface functionality. It is based on the CiA 401 CANopen profile for generic I/O modules. It recommends how to use the digital and analog process data parameters specified in CiA 401. It also recommends a mapping of these parameters into PDOs.
TR650 KiB2021-04-03Login
CiA 312-2 version 1.0.0CANopen profile conformance test plans - Part 2: Generic I/O modules
DescriptionThis part of CANopen device profile conformance test plan contains additional tests for generic I/O modules, which are tested for conformity according to CANopen device profile generic I/O modules. The additional tests verify entries in EDS and object dictionary, which are defined in CANopen device profile generic I/O modules. Furthermore additional test steps verify object coherences that are defined in that device profile. To achieve a certain level of conformity the CANopen device shall pass the corresponding tests defined in CANopen conformance test plan plus those defined in this part of the document series.
DSP1.0 MiB2008-04-11Login