You have questions? We try to answer them!

We answer technical questions about CAN technology, standardization issues as well as market intelligence and product news.

Since many years, CiA provides an email-hotline. The CiA nonprofit association is the unique source for company- and product-independent information about CAN technology. We can provide first-hand information about the most important automotive communication system, which is also used in many other application fields. This covers also CAN-based higher-layer protocols such as CANopen.

Of course, we can’t answer all questions by ourselves. But we know many people with dedicated knowledge in the CAN community. When we can’t answer your question, we consult those experts. If they can’t help, it could be that there is no answer on your question yet available. All these information services are free-of-charge.

We can also provide education services. They are not free-of-charge. Besides our scheduled seminars for newcomers, we offer customized in-house seminars tailored to your requirements.

Normally, we answer your inquiry in English or German. We have also native speaking Chinese and Russian employees. With some limitations, we can respond in French, Italian, and Spanish, if desired.