CiA’s Weekly Telegraph

In 2016, we continue to send weekly an email to subscribers of CiA’s Weekly Telegraph (CWT).

This email informs about the articles published on the CAN Newsletter Online, new and updated entries in CiA’s product guides as well as the articles published in the quarterly released CAN Newsletter. These articles are downloadable as PDF files, but you can also download the entire CAN Newsletter completely.

In 2015, we distributed the CWT to about 6000 subscribers. In 2016, we stop the subscription for the since 1992 quarterly published CAN Newsletter. You just need to subscribe to the CWT (on our homepage) and you will be informed, when the next issue is available for download.

The CWT, the CAN Newsletter (PDF), the CAN Newsletter Online, and CiA’s Product Guides are good opportunities to advertise your products and services. Just a few figures: Besides the more than 3000 CAN Newsletter subscribers, about 80000 articles have been downloaded in 2015. Last year, the CAN Newsletter Online was visited by about 77000 engineers (22 % from Germany, 15 % from USA, 4 % from United Kingdom). There were more than 160000 side impressions.

The CWT email is ideal to inform the subscribers to your events or to visit your booth at exhibitions, because there is just one head banner catching exclusively the attention of the readers. Traditional advertisements in the CAN Newsletter combined with banners on the CAN Newsletter Online is the best image campaign in the CAN community. CiA’s Product Guides (CANopen, CAN, and J1939) entries are referenced by hyperlinks on the related CAN Newsletter Online pages providing a long-term presentation of your products and services.

For more information you may download CiA’s media kit or contact Ms. Meng Xie-Buchart (publications(at)