CiA 602-2: Extended functionality for J1939 on CAN FD

The IG (interest group) “Commercial vehicles” plans to extend the functionality for J1939 on CAN FD data link layer (CiA 602-2) in respect to ISO transport protocol, BAM (Broadcast Announce Message), etc. The updated CiA 602-2 work draft will be completely Autosar-compatible.

The experts also will improve the interoperability of CiA 402 compliant drives and motion controllers with CANopen host controllers. The SIG (Special Interest Group) will introduce implementation classes to increase the number standardized options and to reduce the number of variations.

The next meeting of the SIG is scheduled on March 17. Interested parties may register by email (secretary(at) Topics include review of comments to IEC 61800-7-1:2015 (Annex A), IEC 61800-7-201:2015, and IEC 61800-7-301:2015 (just the CANopen PDO mapping), and review pending comments to the CiA 402 series. In addition, the proposed classes for the operation modes such as profile position, profile velocity, torque, etc. will be discussed. The proposed CANopen FD PDO mapping (CiA 402-6) will be evaluated, too.