Fahrzeugdiagnose – Grundlagen, Bussysteme, Protokolle, Anwendungen

In addition to the in-vehicle communication, there are technologies for communicating with systems outside the vehicle, such as development tools, OBD (on-board diagnostics) scan tools, test bench computers, flash programming stations, and service testers.


The 360-pages book provides an overview on the development of electronics in vehicles, the basics of data communication, and the various automotive networking systems, e.g. K-line, CAN CC (classic), CAN FD, CAN XL, LIN, Flexray, MOST (media oriented systems transport), and automotive Ethernet. After the detailed description of the standardized diagnostic protocol UDS (unified diagnostic services), the structure of external communication systems as well as the standardized database formats ODX (open diagnostic data exchange) and OTX (open test sequence exchange) are discussed.

Numerous practical examples along the process chain illustrate the topics. The examples range from software tools for the development and testing of data communication, vehicle identification, test and flash programming systems in production, workshop testers, and OBD scan tools to wireless communication.

The book content is based on the ISO and SAE standard series such as ISO 11898 (CAN), ISO 14229 (UDS), ISO 15031 (OBD), SAE J1939, etc. “This book leads through the jungle of these standards”, wrote Holger Zeltwanger (CiA Managing Director) in the preface to this book. It explains the most important contents of these standards in a simple and understandable way and is, therefore, dedicated for educational purposes.

The target readers are the engineers and technicians from development, testing, production, and service at vehicle manufacturers and suppliers. The book is also targeted to students of electrical engineering, automotive engineering, and computer science at universities, technical colleges, and vocational schools.

The book with the ISBN 978-3-8007-5481-6 is available as paperback- or e-book/PDF.