CANopen Implementation applications to industrial networks

According to the authors the book is intended for those who whish to embark upon implementing the CANopen protocols in their products, system integrators and for those planning to execute a conformance pre-testing on their products before to send them to a certification authority.


The book starts with the communication basics and general networking concepts. After a 20-page chapter about the CAN physical and data link layers as well as CAN hardware implementations at that time, it gives a detailed introduction (66 pages) into the CANopen functions as defined in the CiA 301 (CANopen application and communication profile) version 3.0 valid in the year 1999. 24 pages are addicted to the CANopen implementation issues, which consider CAN hardware, multiple device modules implementation, constructing of a CANopen network as well as according integration and usage examples.

The CANopen conformance test steps are explained in a further chapter. At the end of the book an example CANopen implementation (digital I/O module) based on the SAB-C167CR-LM chip from Infineon (former Siemens) is given.