CiA webinars

CiA webinars inform on latest trends in CAN-based networking. This can cover physical layer aspects (e.g. CAN FD, ringing suppression, partial networking, etc.), latest news on CAN FD or CAN XL data link layer features, as well as system design aspects (e.g. CANopen FD, integration of embedded networks in cloud applications, safety, cyber security, etc.). CiA webinars last ca. 1h (including 15 min questions and answers).

Topic Date Beijing, CN Berlin, DE Chicago (IL), USA
Functional safety 2024-09-19 2024-09-19 21:00 2024-09-19 15:00 2024-09-19 08:00
CiA profiles 2024-10-24 2024-10-24 21:00 2024-10-24 15:00 2024-10-24 08:00
CANopen FD status and future 2024-12-12 2024-12-12 21:00 2024-12-12 15:00 2024-12-12 08:00


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