The international CAN Conference (iCC)

The iCC is the one-of-a-kind platform for presentation of CAN developments. Experts from all over the world and from the most diversified application areas have met since 1994 at this international event. The conference is unique in its target group and offers attendees the opportunity to become acquainted with the latest developments in CAN technology. It is also the platform for lecturing on CAN-based research and for exchanging experiences internationally with experts from related work fields.

During the last few years, a shift of focus has taken place from theory to practice and applications. This is true for the speakers as well as for the attendees. Since 2012, an important topic is CAN FD, the 2nd CAN protocol generation. From the 17th iCC on, CAN XL, the 3rd CAN protocol generation is on the agenda.

Below you find the iCC papers, which can be downloaded free of charge. Additionally, there are links to recorded iCC presentations available on CiA’s Youtube channel.

Previous iCCs

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iCC papers

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