Submit your cybersecurity use cases to CiA

The participants of the CiA IG (interest group) safety and security are working on solutions with requirements in cybersecurity.

In a broad range of applications there are different requirements. Cybersecurity cannot be addressed with a single protocol for encryption. In regards of authentication a management process and accompanying protocols are needed.

We ask you to submit your cybersecurity uses cases. We consider applications that are either connected to the cloud, temporarily connected to the cloud, or are off-line. We appreciate every submission. Highly appreciated are submissions that cover already the threat model requirements (e.g. is the application just accessible remotely or needs it a physical access to be secured).

The IG safety and security will analyze submitted use cases, requirements, and threat models. Based on the results, it will design the management process and accompanying protocols. Established industry standards in cybersecurity are going to be considered and adopted to the needs of CAN-based systems. This will include a version for certificate handling according to X.509 and other suitable standards.

Please provide your submissions by 2022-08-15 via email to secretary(at)

If you or your colleagues are experts in cybersecurity, you are welcome to join the next meeting for this topic scheduled on 2022-08-30. Please contact secretary(at) to receive the meeting details.