EU data protection law

Now, CiA provides two monthly email services: CAN Info Mail and CiA Member News (for members only). You can subscribe to them by sending an email. This is to comply with EU General Data Protection Regulation in power by end of May.

CiA 320 released

The CANopen sleep and wake-up handling of CAN nodes is specified in CiA 320. It is used by CiA 447 and CiA 454 devices, for example, and can be used by other battery-powered devices, too.

Second issue of CMN

Employees of CiA member companies may subscribe to the new CiA Member News (CMN) email service. The second issue was just sent to the subscribers. If you like to subscribe to it, send an email to mail(at) (subject: CMN).

CAN Info Mail

CiA provides a new email service: The CAN Info Mail (CIM) will be sent monthly to its subscribers. It contains mainly links to interesting information. If you like to subscribe to it, send an email to mail(at) (subject: CIM).

CiA respects new EU law

In May, the new European General Data Protection Regulation will be in power. This means, CiA is not allowed to send emails without dedicated permission. We are already in the process to establish new services.

LSS for CANopen FD

After the release of the CANopen FD application layer (CiA 1301), CiA members started to update CiA 305 (LSS). Next meeting is scheduled for January 12, 2018. For details, please contact secretary(at)

Task Forces of IG CAN FD

The TF “Common-mode choke” and TF “Cable” continue to develop design recommendations and to specify parameter measurements. The comparability of data sheets would help to select the appropriate products. Contact secretary(at)can‑

Cooperation with JasPar

CiA and JasPar, Japanese nonprofit association, cooperate in respect to CAN FD design recommendations. This includes also the ringing suppression. A JasPar delegation will participate in the next meeting in Nuremberg (January 24, 2018).

CAN FD safety workshop

CiA organizes a two-days workshop (Nov. 8 and 9) in Nuremberg. Topic is the development of higher-layer protocol independent for CAN FD based networks. For details please contact secretary(at)

CiA exhibits at IAS in Shanghai

On the IAS tradeshow (Nov. 6 to 10), CiA is present on the German Pavilion (hall 5.1 stand A002). This is an opportunity to meet CiA staff in China and to discuss with them future CAN technologies such as CANopen FD.