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At the beginning of 2022, CiA has 712 members. There are six new members.

The nonprofit CiA (CAN in Automation) international users’ and manufacturers’ group turns 30 this year. In 1992, six small and medium-sized companies and two individuals established the CiA association. End of last 2021, the majority of the CiA members were still small and medium-sized companies (160 with up to 9 employees, 251 with up to 49 employees, 83 with up 99 employees, and 128 with up to 499 employees). CiA has also a few big enterprise members with more than 100000 employees.

About 50 % of the CiA membership is headquartered in the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, and Austria) followed by 10 % in North European countries and 10 % in North America. There are also some members in Italy (8 %), China (5 %), United Kingdom (3 %), and the Netherlands (3 %).

Most of the CiA members are device suppliers (475) and sub-system manufacturers (211). Service (104), tool (42), and software solution (19) suppliers are as important as technology enablers (97) providing semiconductors, CAN interface modules, and protocol stacks. There are also OEM (original equipment manufacturer) members (81) and even three end-users. The academic world is represented by 22 members – mainly universities and other nonprofit organizations. The new members in 2022 include Airbus DS-GS (US), KNF Flodos (CH), Mercedes-Benz (DE), Netvisiontel (KR), Rostislav Kalcik (CZ), and Scaime (FR).

This year, CiA members continue to develop CAN XL related specifications and to support the update of the ISO 11898-1 and ISO 11898-2 standards regarding CAN XL respectively CAN SIC (signal improvement capability).

The CiA birthday event originally planned for March will be postponed to June due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the new Omicron variant. There are also a lot of other events including fairs and exhibitions that have been cancelled or postponed. Agritechnica and Embedded World are two of them, CiA originally liked to attend with a booth. CiA also canceled its participation in the Interlift tradeshow.