CiA Task Force CAN (XL) simulation

The CiA Special Interest Group (SIG) CAN XL has decided to develop a specification for simulating CAN networks.

Nowadays, carmakers simulate in-vehicle networks before they build prototypes. For Classical CAN and CAN FD networks, there are different simulation tools available. CAN transceiver suppliers offer some and others are developed by OEMs (original equipment manufacturers). There are also some from independent toolmakers. But they results of such simulation tools are not comparable.

To overcome this, the SIG CAN XL is going to establish a Task Force (TF) to develop a requirement specification for a network simulation tool. Volkswagen and Bosch appreciate and support this activity as well as the c&s group, Infineon, and NXP. If you are interested, please contact CiA office, to get the meeting details. Besides CiA members, non-members are invited to participate in the inaugural meeting, too.