New and updated CiA specifications

The nonprofit CAN in Automation (CiA) association has released the CiA 312-7 conformance test specification for the CANopen profile for battery-powered bicycles, also known as pedelecs. This specification has been developed in co-operation with nonprofit Energybus association. It specifies the conformance test for CANopen interfaces, especially the boot-up behavior, the specific SDO communication, and the finite state automaton (FSA) state changes.

Some parts of the CiA 309 series of TCP-related remote access services and protocols have been updated. Part 1 specifying the services introduces with version 3.0.0 management services and physical as well as logical addressing methods. Part 3 standardizes the ASCII protocols. It has been enhanced regarding the newly introduced services in Part 1.

Part 5 specifies the Restful HTTP and Websocket protocols to access remotely CANopen networks. The structure of commands for HTTP requests utilizes physical and logical addressing schemes. The instructions allow controlling the CiA 309 gateway device as well as interacting with the networked CANopen devices. The Rest concepts apply for handling HTTP or HTTPS request and response. ABNF is used for the syntax of the commands.

The Restful and non Restful services can be used standalone or in combination to perform the specified tasks i.e. configuration, event-triggered, and process data acquisition tasks. Besides HTTP, further protocols and services such as Websocket, or rpc could be used. An MQTT mapping is not specified yet.