CANopen profiles for extruder downstream devices

CiA and Euromap have jointly developed the CiA 420 CANopen profiles for extruder downstream devices (also known as Euromap 27).

Typical modular extruder production line
The specification series has been reviewed and new versions have been released. They are available for download free-of-charge on CiA’s and Euromap’s website. The profile specification standardizes the CANopen interface for puller, corrugator, saw, co-extruder, and calibration-table downstream devices. The first version was introduced in 2002. The new versions specify a mandatory node-ID allocation scheme, an automatic diameter adaptation for puller, an improved status-word for corrugator, some functional additions for saw, and corrections as well as clarifications. Machine builders organized in the Euromap association had initiated the standardization of the downstream device profiles. This series of CANopen profiles allows downstream device manufacturers to develop machine modules, which can be easily integrated into an extruder production line. Also the production line designer benefits from the standardized interfaces, because he can select machine modules from different companies. “The CiA 420 profile specifications are good an example of a win-win situation for machine builders and machine users,” explained Holger Zeltwanger, CiA Managing Director. “Especially, because several CiA members provide CiA 420 compliant controllers for corrugator, puller, saw, and other downstream devices.” This approach could be regarded as a prototype for other modular machine markets.