CiA in action technology day

On July 6, 2022, experienced CiA engineers inform you about latest CiA activities and current CiA specification developments. After the presentations, you are welcome to discuss CAN-related topics with the experts, and to stimulate or initiate CAN specification activities in CiA.

While the 3,5-hour online event, the speakers give an overview on the current work items and discussions in CiA working groups. After the welcoming words, Thilo Schumann gives an insight into CAN FD and CAN FD Light. CAN FD is the second CAN generation allowing payloads up to 64 byte and bit-rates higher than 1 Mbit/s. CAN FD Light is a simplified data link layer dedicated for use in deeply embedded, price-sensitive sensor/actuator networks such as automotive light applications. Reiner Zitzmann presents the CANopen FD communication system. It bases on CAN FD, keeps the key-attributes of CANopen and provides advanced functionalities in comparison to the latter. For example, the USDO (universal service data object) allows a dynamical, simple establishment of cross-communication, in unicast and broadcast.

Holger Zeltwanger is going to give some insights into CAN XL. The third CAN generation offers payloads up to 2048 byte as well as bit-rates up to 10 Mbit/s and higher depending on the physical network design. CAN XL is intended for backbone and sub-backbone network applications. It is designed for an easy integration into TCP/IP network systems. After a short break, Mr. Zeltwanger proceeds with the overview on CiA profiles under development. One of the recent CiA activities is the specification of a generic CAN bootloader. Mr. Zitzmann shows the requirements and the specification work advancement.

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