The SIG develops and maintains the next generation of CAN data link and physical layer, providing an extra large payload, and supporting in the data-phase bit-rates exceeding 8 Mbit/s. Additionally, the SIG develops and maintains related conformance test plans.


Dr. Arthur Mutter, Robert Bosch


Date Time* Group Location
2022-05-24 14:00 - 15:00 IG lower layers SIG CAN XL topic ethernet frame CAN XL tunneling demonstrator e-meeting
2022-06-02 15:00 - 16:15 IG lower layers SIG CAN XL Nuremberg
2022-06-27 13:00 - 15:00 IG lower layers SIG CAN XL e-meeting
2022-06-28 15:00 - 17:00 IG lower layers SIG CAN XL TF simulation e-meeting
2022-07-07 13:00 - 15:00 IG lower layers SIG CAN XL TF physical layer e-meeting
2022-07-27 13:00 - 16:00 IG lower layers SIG CAN XL TF security e-meeting

* Local time at CiA office, Nuremberg, Germany.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
SIG CAN XL2019-02-01Minutes6.6 MiB2019-02-12Login
SIG CAN XL TF XL physical layer2019-02-22Minutes2.7 MiB2019-02-25Login
SIG CAN XL TF XL physical layer2019-03-12Minutes214 KiB2019-03-13Login
SIG CAN XL TF XL physical layer2019-03-15Minutes4.7 MiB2019-03-26Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-04-12Minutes1.0 MiB2019-04-29Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-04-12Minutes1.3 MiB2019-04-29Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-04-30Minutes4.2 MiB2019-05-09Login
SIG CAN XL2019-06-06Minutes6.4 MiB2019-06-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-06-04Minutes3.5 MiB2019-07-11Login
SIG CAN XL2019-03-27Minutes1.6 MiB2019-07-11Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-06-05Minutes13.2 MiB2019-07-11Login
SIG CAN XL2018-12-18Minutes1.2 MiB2019-07-12Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-07-24Minutes142 KiB2019-08-05Login
SIG CAN XL2019-10-01Minutes9.2 MiB2019-10-10Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-10-02Minutes4.6 MiB2019-10-22Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-10-18Minutes1.4 MiB2019-10-29Login
SIG CAN XL2019-11-08Minutes2.7 MiB2019-11-18Login
SIG CAN XL attachments2019-11-08Minutes3.8 MiB2019-11-18Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2019-11-26Minutes2.5 MiB2019-12-19Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2019-12-03Minutes8.3 MiB2020-01-09Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-01-28Minutes2.2 MiB2020-02-13Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-03-04Minutes122 KiB2020-04-16Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-04-27Minutes4.8 MiB2020-04-29Login
SIG CAN XL2020-05-05Minutes392 KiB2020-05-15Login
SIG CAN XL2020-05-29Minutes112 KiB2020-06-03Login
SIG CAN XL2019-12-04Minutes1.9 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-03-10Minutes3.8 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL2020-03-17Minutes1.9 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-03-31Minutes2.1 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL2020-04-01Minutes170 KiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-04-21Minutes109 KiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL2020-05-28Minutes1.8 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-05-27Minutes4.5 MiB2020-06-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-04-22Minutes1.6 MiB2020-06-09Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-05-25Minutes524 KiB2020-06-09Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-06-15Minutes1.8 MiB2020-07-01Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-07-08Minutes9.7 MiB2020-07-20Login
SIG CAN XL2020-06-30Minutes3.3 MiB2020-07-20Login
SIG CAN XL2020-07-10Minutes1.9 MiB2020-07-20Login
SIG CAN XL2020-07-17Minutes1.4 MiB2020-07-22Login
SIG CAN XL2020-08-06Minutes3.9 MiB2020-08-13Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-08-12Minutes3.1 MiB2020-08-27Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-06-23Minutes1.2 MiB2020-09-01Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-09-15Minutes3.5 MiB2020-09-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-09-23Minutes1.1 MiB2020-09-30Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-09-24Minutes1.3 MiB2020-10-05Login
SIG CAN XL2020-10-02Minutes329 KiB2020-10-07Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-10-16Minutes2.1 MiB2020-10-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-10-22Minutes1.8 MiB2020-10-30Login
SIG CAN XL2020-10-14Minutes1.9 MiB2020-11-03Login
SIG CAN XL2020-10-16Minutes1.5 MiB2020-11-03Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-11-18Minutes2.2 MiB2020-11-23Login
SIG CAN XL2020-11-27Minutes2.2 MiB2020-12-15Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2020-12-07Minutes749 KiB2020-12-15Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2020-11-12Minutes104 KiB2021-01-12Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2020-12-04Minutes102 KiB2021-01-28Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2021-01-19Minutes1.5 MiB2021-02-01Login
SIG CAN XL2021-01-22Minutes3.7 MiB2021-02-03Login
SIG CAN XL TF security2021-01-14Minutes472 KiB2021-02-08Login
SIG CAN XL TF physical layer2021-02-25Minutes1.9 MiB2021-03-01Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2021-01-29Minutes241 KiB2021-03-04Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2021-02-10Minutes737 KiB2021-03-04Login
SIG CAN XL2021-02-26Minutes2.0 MiB2021-03-05Login
SIG CAN XL TF higher layer2021-03-05Minutes1.7 MiB2021-03-12Login
TF physical layer2021-03-25Minutes268 KiB2021-04-13Login
TF higher layer2021-04-16Minutes879 KiB2021-04-19Login
TF security2021-03-18Minutes678 KiB2021-04-26Login
SIG CAN XL plugfest preparation2021-05-21Minutes443 KiB2021-05-26Login
SIG CAN XL2021-05-05Minutes1.8 MiB2021-05-26Login
TF physical layer2021-05-06Minutes4.2 MiB2021-05-27Login
TF higher layer2021-05-20Minutes413 KiB2021-05-28Login
TF security2021-04-30Minutes768 KiB2021-06-25Login
SIG CAN XL2021-06-30Minutes3.1 MiB2021-07-16Login
SIG CAN XL2021-06-30Minutes3.1 MiB2021-07-19Login
TF higher layer2021-07-09Minutes1.4 MiB2021-08-19Login
TF physical layer2021-07-20Minutes7.4 MiB2021-08-24Login
SIG CAN XL2021-08-10Minutes1.3 MiB2021-08-25Login
TF security2021-07-08Minutes1.5 MiB2021-09-15Login
TF higher layer2021-09-17Minutes220 KiB2021-09-24Login
TF physical layer2021-10-15Minutes4.5 MiB2021-10-20Login
SIG CAN XL2021-10-13Minutes1.9 MiB2021-11-03Login
TF higher layer2021-10-22Minutes609 KiB2021-11-05Login
SIG CAN XL plugfest preparation meeting2021-11-09Minutes2.1 MiB2021-11-15Login
TF simulation2021-10-07Minutes3.5 MiB2021-11-18Login
SIG CAN XL 2021-11-25Minutes1.9 MiB2021-12-13Login
TF physical layer2021-12-08Minutes1.3 MiB2021-12-13Login
TF simulation2022-11-23Minutes66 KiB2021-12-17Login
TF higher layer2021-12-10Minutes96 KiB2022-02-14Login
TF security2021-10-29Minutes1.8 MiB2022-02-28Login
TF higher layer2022-02-25Minutes385 KiB2022-03-10Login
TF security2022-04-01Minutes0.9 MiB2022-04-11Login
CAN XL plugfest preparation meeting2022-04-06Minutes2.0 MiB2022-04-12Login
TF higher layer2022-04-08Minutes856 KiB2022-04-21Login
SIG CAN XL2022-04-13Minutes1.2 MiB2022-04-25Login


Title Details
CiA 610-4 version 0.0.3CAN XL specification and test plans Part 4: Physical medium attachment sub-layer test plan
WD1.0 MiB2022-01-18Login
CiA 610-3 version 1.0.0CAN XL specifications and test plans - Part 3: Physical medium attachment sub-layer requirements
Description?This document specifies the CAN XL SIC physical medium attachment (PMA) sub-layer with the pulse-width modulation (PWM) at the attachment unit interface (AUI). This document also specifies the optional low-power mode functionality. The physical medium dependent (PMD) sub-layer is not in the scope of this document.
DS0.9 MiB2022-03-08Login
CiA 610-1 version 1.0.0CAN XL specifications and test plans - Part 1: Data link layer and physical coding sub-layer requirements
DescriptionThis document specifies the CAN XL data link layer (DLL) and the physical coding sub-layer (PCS). The CAN XL DLL features Data Fields of up to 2 KiB (2048 byte). It is backwards compatible with CAN FD and implicitly with Classical CAN. Therefore, this document provides references to ISO 11898-1:2015, where appropriate. This includes references to the attachment unit interface (AUI). The optional PWM encoding is specified in this document, too. This document divides the CAN XL data link layer (DLL) into the logical link control (LLC) and the medium access control (MAC) sub-layers. The DLL’s service data unit (SDU), which interfaces the LLC and the MAC, is implemented by means of the LLC frame. The LLC frame features also the service data unit type (SDT) and the virtual CAN identifier (VCID), which provide higher-layer protocol configuration and identification information.
DS847 KiB2022-03-08Login
CiA 610-2 version XL - Part 2: Data link layer and physical signaling conformance test plan
WD1.5 MiB2022-04-11Login
CiA 611-1 version 0.0.10CAN XL higher layer functions - Part 1: Definition of service data unit types
WD272 KiB2021-10-17Login
CiA 611-2 version 0.0.4CAN higher layer functions - Part 2: Multi-PDU
WD279 KiB2022-04-14Login
CiA 612-1 version 0.0.2CAN XL guidelines and application notes - Part 1: System design recommendations
WD440 KiB2021-02-23Login
CiA 612-2 version XL guidelines and application notes - Part 2: PWM coding guidelines
WDP1.9 MiB2022-03-10Login
CiA 613-2 version 0.0.5CAN XL add-on services Part 2: Security
WD541 KiB2022-03-09Login
CiA 613-3 version 0.0.4CAN XL add-on services Part 3: LLC Frame Fragmentation
WD389 KiB2022-04-14Login