CiA 309 series

This series specifies the CANopen access from TCP-based networks (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 5). Recently, these documents have been moved unchanged from DSP to DS status, meaning that non-members can subscribe to them.

Workshop: Configurable network components

CAN in Automation (CiA) has scheduled a web-based workshop on May 24, 2022, 10:00 to 12:00 (UTC+2). On occasion of this workshop, CiA intends to discuss requirements of a modern configurable network component that is intended to interconnect several CAN, CAN FD, or CAN XL-based embedded networks. For registration please contact secretary(at)

Draft DIN 14704 for comments

The German standardization body calls for comments on the draft standard for body gateways for fire-fighting vehicles. This standard is written in English language and it is based on DIN 4630.

CiA document updates

CiA has released new versions of some profile specifications. This includes CiA 442 (motor starters), CiA 444 series (spreader), CiA 445 (RFID devices), and CiA 453 (power supplies). All these documents are published as Draft Specifications, which non-members can subscribe. CiA members get them free of charge.

CiA 106 supersedes CiA 303-1

The CiA 106 technical report contains generic connector pin-assignment recommendations. In the past they were part of the CiA 303-1 document, which was related to CANopen only.

DIN 4630 released

The German standard published in English language specifies the CAN-based body builder network for commercial vehicles. It covers also the gateway to the in-vehicle networks. It is available from Beuth.

CANopen drive control webinar

On May 3, CiA offers a free-of-charge webinar in English language. For registration click here.

30 years CAN Newsletter

In June 1992, the first CAN Newsletter issue was released. In total, 120 issues have been published. There is still the opportunity to advertise in the 30th anniversary issue.

Motion to Draft Specification

The CiA Interest Group (IG) profiles is updating several CANopen profile specifications including the CiA 453 profile for programmable power supplies. They will be released soon as Draft Specifications (DS) and will be part of the CiA 4XX series subscription. For details, please contact CiA office.

30 years CAN in Automation

The CiA international users’ and manufacturers’ group turns 30 on March 5, 2022. Beginning of this year, the nonprofit association submitted the 3rd generation of the CAN protocol to ISO for international standardization. Read more.