New J1939 documents

SAE has released a new version of the J1939DA (digital annex). It specifies new Parameter Groups (PG) and Suspect Parameters (SP). Read more in the current issue of the CIM.

CAN Info Mail December

The December issue of the monthly email service is online. It gives a little resume about the achievements in 2021 and a brief outlook on 2022 including planned activities by CiA. It also reports about new J1939 documents, the CAN Newsletter, and more.

CAN Newsletter December

The December issue of the CAN Newsletter magazine is online. It contains articles about generic CAN (FD) security requirements, achieving correct ESD protection for CAN FD, migration to CAN FD, applications, how to defend against the Janus low-level CAN attack, and more.

Marketing opportunities at CiA

CiA still uploads videos on its Youtube channel. Recently, CiA uploaded a video regarding marketing opportunities at CiA. The recording was part of the CANopen FD technology day.

CAN FD Light: Specification released

The nonprofit CiA association has released the CiA 604-1 CAN FD Light specification as Draft Specification Proposal (DSP).

Seminars in October

On October 5 and October 6 CAN and CANopen seminars in German language are scheduled. The CAN seminar is held as an online event and the CANopen for newcomers takes place on site in Nuremberg.

IG high availability inaugurated

The new CiA interest group (IG) develops specifications and recommendations for different kinds of redundancy. The first approach is a data link layer and physical network redundancy. Chairperson is Uwe Koppe from Microcontrol. For more information contact CiA office.

CAN Info Mail

The September issue of the monthly email service is online. It reports mainly about future CiA meetings and CiA activities in the last quarter of this year.