BoD re-elected and focus on CAN FD

CAN in Automation (CiA), the nonprofit international users’ and manufacturers’ group, has re-elected during its annual general assembly the board of directors.

s in the last year, Arnulf Lockmann (Janztec) is the business director, Uwe Koppe (Microcontrol) is the technical director, and Holger Zeltwanger is the managing director. CiA’s general assembly also elected members in the Business Committee (Baumüller, Emtas, ESD, Port, and Schneider) and the Technical Committee (Emtas, esd, Ixxat, Port, and Schneider). The nonprofit association has 585 members. It develops and maintains the CANopen specifications of about 15000 pages. It organizes plug fests and performs CANopen conformance tests. Additionally, CiA provides seminars and conferences, and publishes printed and electronic media. In 2014, one of the technical focuses is on CAN FD, the improved CAN data link layer. CiA develops recommendations and guidelines, how to use CAN FD. The CANopen working groups extend their specifications to make use of CAN FD benefits. CAN FD allows higher throughput and longer payloads per frame. NOTE: CiA office provides exclusive technical articles and success stories (application notes) to interested publications.