SIG fire-fighting


Developing and maintaining embedded body application profiles for fire-fighting subsystems (e.g. aerial working platforms, container units, stabilizer units, DIN 14700 systems, etc.) and the mapping to Classic CANopen. Additionally, the SIG develops and maintains DIN 4630 interfaces for fire-fighting subsystems.


Dagmar Schymonski-Dederichs, ifm ecomatic


Date Time* Group Location
2023-04-20 14:00 - 16:00 IG profiles SIG fire-fighting e-meeting

* Local time at CiA office, Nuremberg, Germany.


Title Date Status Size Published Action
Workshop: Fire-fighting vehicles equipment2021-06-29Minutes2.4 MiB2021-09-10Login
SIG fire-fighting2021-10-19Minutes5.4 MiB2021-10-27Login
SIG fire-fighting2022-01-11Minutes554 KiB2022-01-14Login
Workshop: Body application units for fire-fighting vehicles2022-03-29Minutes8.4 MiB2022-04-25Login
SIG fire-fighting2022-02-09Minutes615 KiB2022-04-25Login
SIG fire-fighting2022-04-25Minutes1.0 MiB2022-05-06Login
SIG fire-fighting2022-07-05Minutes843 KiB2022-07-19Login
SIG fire-fighting2022-08-23Minutes184 KiB2022-09-05Login
SIG fire-fighting2023-01-19Minutes784 KiB2023-03-13Login
SIG fire-fighting2023-03-06Minutes552 KiB2023-03-13Login