CAN FD approved

The new ISO 11898-1 standard has been approved with no negative votes as Draft International Standard (DIS).

The standard specifies the Classical CAN and the CAN FD protocol. The ISO experts have already observed the comments. After implementing the observations, the document is submitted to ISO Central Secretariat for publications. This means chipmakers can implement CAN FD without risking technical changes of the data link layer protocol. The related conformance test plan (ISO 16845-1) follows soon. The document will be submitted for DIS balloting within the next days.

During the development process, the CAN FD protocol has been improved, in order to achieve the same or an even better error detection capability. This is, why the first implementations do not comply with the new ISO 11898-1 standard. Nevertheless they can be used to develop software and to built prototype networks for test purposes. Therefore CiA has released an implementation and product declaration policy.

Also the standard for the CAN high-speed transmission is under review. In the new ISO 11898-2 standard, PMA (physical media attachment) implementations supporting bit-rates up to 5 Mbit/s are specified. The document has been submitted for DIS balloting.

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