See you in Vienna!

The 15th iCC is the meeting point for CAN (FD) experts. On October 27 and 28, you can listen to high-quality presentations. It is a get together of the CAN community.

Don’t miss the party. It is not just the papers, which have a high value. It is also the talks on side, which make this 2-days conference so unique. There is also a social evening event organized and the tabletop exhibition gives you a chance to meet business partners showing their latest product developments. “CAN interested parties not participating in this event,” stated Holger Zeltwanger, “may miss some important trends in CAN technology.” Just reading the papers afterwards, is less than half of the information you can get, when you participate. In particular, carmakers should take the opportunity to discuss the chances and challenges of the appearing CAN FD technology. Join the community and register for the 15th iCC in Vienna (Austria).