CiA® 457: CANopen interface profile for wireless transmission

When linking a CANopen network to a wireless transmission media (WTM) a gateway device is needed. The purpose of such a gateway device is e.g. to link a remote controller to a crane’s embedded CAN, or to bridge two CAN segments by an link “over the air”. A compilation of use cases is summarized in CiA 812; which is available for free download at CiA’s website. To allow a simple setup of the control architectures required for such use cases, CANopen gateways are needed. These gateways moderate between the “CANopen environment” and the communication techniques used on a wireless transmission medium. CiA 457 specifies such kind of devices. CANopen devices following the CANopen interface profile CiA 457 support either CAN, or any wireless transmission media for the physical layer and the data link layer. On the higher layers, CiA 457 devices use CANopen. Thus, CiA 457 devices allow the implementation of one virtual CANopen network, based on different lower layer, wireless communication techniques.

According to CiA 457, a WTM-based CANopen device supports the CANopen device architecture with the object dictionary. Furthermore, the basic CANopen communication services, such as the SDO server channel, Emergency producer and Heartbeat producer are supported. Optionally, SDO client functionality, PDOs, Emergency consumer or Heartbeat consumer functionality can be supported. Devices moderating between a CAN-based and a WTM-based environment need to support both types of interfaces; CAN-based and WTM-based ones. Such CANopen router devices can basically utilize the functions that have already been specified in CiA 302-7. Just for configuration purposes, additional management functions for the lower layers (LLM) are provided by CiA 457.

For connecting CAN segments “over the air”, CiA 457 devices use communication techniques, specified in CiA 315 - CANopen generic frame for wireless tunneling and for transfer of diagnostic data.


Title Details
CiA 302-7 version 1.0.0 CANopen additional application layer functions - Part 7: Multi-level networking

This specification describes the interface for bi-directional CANopen-to-CANopen communication in multi-level networks. It supports multiple CANopen networks implementing hierarchical and non-hierarchical architectures.

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CiA 315 version 1.0.0 CANopen generic frame for wireless tunneling and for transfer of diagnostic data

This specification specifies the generic frame for the transparent transmission of CAN messages on a wireless network.

2011-08-09 626 KB DSP Login
CiA 457 version 1.1.0 CANopen interface profile wireless transmission

This document specifies the CANopen interface profile for devices providing a gateway function to wireless transmission media ports.

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