CiA® 453: CANopen device profile for power supplies

This profile specifies the CANopen CC interface for programmable and non-programmable as well as linear and switching power supply devices such as AC and DC converters, power banks, uninterruptible power supply (UPS), etc.

Each power supply or a power converter supports at least an input voltage channel and an output voltage channel. Up to 64 controlled output channels are possible (8 outputs x 8 logical devices).

The device may also support digital control logic for local control events. CiA 453 devices support local- and remote-controlled modes of operation.

Although, power saving modes are not specified in CiA 453 and thus are manufacturer-specifically to implement, CAN in Automation recommends to use CiA 302-9-compliant implementation of power saving.

The profile specifies control and monitoring functions for the device itself as well as for its input and output channels separately.

CiA 453 defines advanced configuration and status handling i.e. users can set multiple flags for various conditions, events, internal logic, and fault indication in configuration as well as status.

The profile distinguishes between configuration and status of the device, its input and output application parameters providing a clear and structured path to the implementation.

There are also manufacturer-specific flags for configuration and status supported allowing implementers to extend configuration and status handling with their own functions.

CiA 453 specifies four default PDOs for exchange the commands, status as well as setpoints and output process data across CANopen network.


Title Details
CiA 453 version 1.1.4 CANopen device profile for power supplies

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CiA 453 version 2.0.0 CANopen device profile for power supplies

This document specifies the CANopen communication and application parameters as well as the PDO mapping for power supplies and power converters.

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CiA 302-9 version 1.0.0 CANopen additional application layer functions - Part 9: Energy saving

This series of specifications defines additional CANopen services and functionalities, especially related to dedicated application requirements. It comprises the following parts: • Part 1: General definitions; • Part 2: Network management; • Part 3: Configuration and program download; • Part 4: Network variables and process image; • Part 5: SDO manager; • Part 6: Network redundancy; • Part 7: Multi-level networking; • Part 8: Project management parameters; • Part 9: Energy saving. This part of the additional application layer function documents specifies the energy saving modes and the related communication parameters for energy saving.

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