CiA® 414 series: CANopen device profiles for weaving machines

The CiA 414 set of device profiles specifies the CANopen interfaces for weaving machine sub-systems such as feeders. The feeder profile covers single as well as multiple feeder units. The specification supports the two main categories of feeders. Feeders for weaving machines with fluid insertion of the yarn represent one group. This group was introduced with regard to air-jet and water-jet weaving machines and is called pre-measuring feeders. The other category is called weft feeders and is represented by devices for weaving machines with a mechanical yarn injection. Examples for such weaving machines are rapier weaving machines or projectile weaving machines.
Typical features used on feeders in general are devices to adjust or vary the weft tension. These devices are mechanically or electronically driven sensors in order to detect the absence of the yarn at the input side of the feeder. These sensors are used to stop the machine before the weft reserve is totally emptied. Furthermore they are used in conjunction with the automatic color selection for reducing the loom stop in case of yarn breakage.


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CiA 414-1 version 1.1.0 CANopen device profiles for weaving machines - Part 1: General definitions

The device profile defines the CANopen interfaces for weaving machines. The specification comprises the following two parts: Part 1 : General definitions; Part 2 : Feeders. Part 1 defines the operating principles for the feeder sub-systems, the error handling and the general communication parameters.

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CiA 414-2 version 1.1.0 Device profiles for weaving machines - Part 2: Feeders

Part 2 of the CANopen device profile for weaving machines specifies the CANopen interface for feeders. This device profile for feeders covers ‘pre-measuring feeders’ as well as ‘weft feeders’.

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