CiA® 315: CANopen generic frame for wireless tunneling of CAN messages and for transfer of diagnostic data

Wireless link of two CAN-based networks

The CiA 315 specifies a generic frame for tunneling of CAN messages via a wireless transmission media. This is relevant for use cases, where parts of the application cannot be connected via cable, e.g. because of parts being in motion. The objective of this specification is to allow bridging of two CAN networks via a wireless transmission media, as illustrated in Figure 1. CANopen devices providing a certain gateway capability between CAN and a wireless transmission medium (WTM), have to extract the essential parts of a CAN frame, and have to transfer them via the WTM. As receiving devices, they have to generate the original CAN frame again, at the receiver’s CAN interface.

Title Details
CiA 315 version 1.0.0CANopen generic frame for wireless tunneling and for transfer of diagnostic data
DescriptionThis specification specifies the generic frame for the transparent transmission of CAN messages on a wireless network.
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