Application-specific device profiles

CiA has developed several profiles, which are related to dedicated application fields. Historically, most of the application-specific device profiles support just CANopen CC as specified in CiA 301.

The following generic device profiles have been developed:

  • CiA 412 series: CANopen profile for medical devices (automatic x-ray collimator and dosemeter)
  • CiA 414 series: CANopen profile for weaving machine feeders
  • CiA 420 series: CANopen profiles for extruder downstream devices
  • CiA 425 series: CANopen profile for contrast-media injectors
  • CiA 434 series: CANopen profiles for laboratory automation devices (e.g. dilutor, dispenser, pumps, heating, cooling, and shaking units)
  • CiA 444 series: CANopen profile for container-handling machine add-on drives (e.g. spreader to crane, spreader for straddle carrier)
  • CiA 460: CANopen profile for service robot control systems
  • CiA 461 series: CANopen profile for weighing devices